Programs the controllers to autonomously operate the boat using computer vision, sonar, and other such sensors.

Collin Kolars

Hello I am Collin, a member of IMARC's software team. I am studying computer engineering at university. Favorite hobbies are quad rotors, hiking, canoeing and programming.

Kevin Steele

My name is Kevin Steele. I currently attend the University of Iowa for Electrical Engineering and expect to graduate in 2020. Currently I am learning to use c++ in class and I have a small history with Javascript. Beyond that, I work as a dining associate in the Hillcrest Marketplace.

Daniel Fazio

Hello, my name is Daniel Richard Fazio. I am currently a sophomore student studying computer science at the University of Iowa. I am also an active member of the Iowa Marine Autonomous Racing Club (IMARC) as a member of the software development team.

Harley Waldstein

I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Iowa studying math and computer science, with special interest in logic programming, type theory, and programming language design. My current research involves Cedille, a research language designed to study the implementation of dependently typed programming with lambda encodings.

Aaron Klinker

I am the President and Captain of the Iowa Men's Water Polo Club, and a member of IMARC. I will graduate with a major in Mechanical Engineer and minor in Computer Science and Math. I plan on going into robotics/design once I graduate in May 2018.

Caleb Mann

My name is Caleb Mann, I plan to graduate from the university of Iowa in May 2020 with a degree in biomedical engineering. I'm interested in biology, chemistry, and programming.